Wendy Williams’ Son Becomes Power Of Attorney In Lawsuit

Wendy Williams’ son, Kevin Hunter Jr., is taking matters into his own hands. He’s signed on as a power of attorney amid her lawsuit against Wells Fargo. The large locked her out of her accounts. They think she is unfit to manage her personal finances.

Her 21-year-old has since stepped in to handle the matter. An attorney for Kevin Hunter Jr. said that he is now the power of attorney amid his mom’s financial issues. She’s been desperately trying to gain access to her frozen accounts. Wells Fargo argued that Wendy would need a power of attorney since the bank refused to speak to her son about her financial matters.

Wendy Williams has been spending a lot of time with her son

Wendy Williams has been spending most of her time with her son in Florida. She shared a rare video on her new personal Instagram account earlier this week. She claims that she’s been doing well and is planning on returning to her show. Her son was the one who filmed the video which fans had reservations about.

Since Wells Fargo is requiring a power of attorney, Wendy enlisted Kevin Jr. as the power of attorney of her bank accounts. A power of attorney gives that individual the right to make decisions about another person’s finances, medical care, or property when that person is unable to do so themselves.

“Wendy wanted online access to her accounts,” Wendy Williams’ lawyer explained. “Wendy wanted Little Kevin to begin to take on responsibilities.”

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Her attorney argued that there were no incorrect transactions made on her account. The only transaction they tried to make was to add a power of attorney. She wanted her son to handle her finances on her behalf. According to Wendy’s lawyer, her financial advisor was so upset that Kevin Jr. had to get involved with her financial matters.

Wendy Williams is of “unsound” mind?

As a result, Wells Fargo froze Wendy Williams’ bank accounts. Even after Kevin filed the paperwork to become her power of attorney. According to Page Six, the case has since been sealed shut. That means any future hearings and judgments will not be made available to the public.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Wendy Williams was of “unsound mind.” The bank believed that she was a victim of “exploitation, dementia, or undue influence.” Wells Fargo filed a petition for an upcoming guardianship hearing “concerning the client’s capacity.” They claimed that her financial advisor noticed the signs of “exploitation.”

Wendy says she’s suffered “financial harm” from being locked out of her accounts. She has not appeared on the daytime series since July 2021. The talk show host has been dealing with health issues behind the scenes. In the lawsuit’s recent filings, she claimed she has suffered “irreparable financial harm.”

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