Wendy Tests 3 New Frosty Sundaes To Tempt Your Inner Kid

Wendy’s will be testing three new Frosty Sundaes at its Columbus location. It might be worth the effort if you’re looking for something different. Wendy’s has some classic flavors to offer a sweet alternative to the fast-food treat.

https://www.chewboom.com/2022/01/07/wendys-is-testing-3-new-frosty-sundaes-at-select-locations-in-ohio/Three test sundaes were available: the Marshmallow Charms Frosty Sundae (Classic Strawberry Frosty Sundae), and the Chocolate Lovers Frosty Sundae. Each offers a sweet explosion and brings back Frosty Sundae’s first appearance since 2020.

(Photo: Wendy’s)

Marshmallow Charms Frosty Sundae is available in vanilla or chocolate varieties. It’s topped with Lucky Charms marshmallows and Ghirardelli Sea salt Caramel Sauce. Classic Strawberry sticks are available in chocolate and vanilla versions. You will receive sprinkles, strawberry sauce, and whipped cream. Finally, the Chocolate Lovers Sundae is available with either chocolate or vanilla flavor. It is filled with Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce, Oreo Cookie bits, and whipped cream.

It was last seen on Wendy’s menu in Frosty Cookie Sundae. It isn’t available nationwide, but the trio of new flavors will be tested in Columbus, Ohio. ChewBoom NotesBecause Wendy’s headquarters are located in Columbus (which makes the choice for test locations easier),

These will be available nationwide. They will go well with crispier fries, like the classic fries. Will they be available for a short time? It will be fascinating to see.

It is possible that the sundaes could become part of a special deal at the restaurant. This would give customers the chance to sample the desserts and receive free treats. Fast-food giant Wendy’s always offers free samples and items, as well as free samples of new products. This includes fan-favorite treats such the chicken nuggets and regular frosty. Wendy’s frozen treat is what sets them apart from McDonald’s or Burger King. Each company sells frozen ice cream. However, the frosty is unique to any Mickey D’s or Burger King sundae.

A keychain with a charitable purpose can be purchased to give customers the chance to get the popular snack-sized treat free of charge. This keychain allows you to get a snack-sized frosty every year.


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