Weather forecast UK LIVE – Met Office issues danger to life warning for TODAY as brutal 90mph winds lash the country

Drivers should pack their cars with 5 essentials 

DRIVERS have been urged to pack their cars with five winter essentials before hitting the road as Storm Barra hits the UK today.

Storm Barra will no doubt bring with it dangerous road conditions, with slippery black ice increasing the risk of an out-of-control skid and accidents.

Car insurance provider the AA has shared its essential list of cold journey must-haves – if travel in adverse weather is absolutely essential.

In case of a breakdown, drivers have been told to bring with them a fully-charged phone to call for help.

A flask of hot drink is another must-have to fend off the cold when stationary – while a torch can be used to help see as daylight hours get shorter.

Meanwhile, in case an unfortunate skid sends them off the road, a shovel is needed to make sure drivers can free their cars if stuck in snow.

The insurer also urges drivers to “fully de-ice” their vehicles prior to heading off – including clearing snow from the windows, lights and the roof to help with visibility.


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