We spent £16k converting an old van that we travel round the world in

A COUPLE converted an older van and made it a home on wheels. This allowed them to travel all over the globe.

As reported, Cazzy Magennis and her boyfriend Bradley Williams, both 28, bought their van in June 2020 for £6,500, and spent three months doing it up, costing a total of £16,000.


A couple transformed an old van and shared their tips for how you can tooCredit: dreambigtravelfarblog.com
Bradley and Cazzy spent three months doing the van up


Bradley and Cazzy spent three years building the van.Credit: dreambigtravelfarblog.com

They travelled across Europe in 2021 and are currently in Canada with plans to drive all the way down to South America, before getting the van shipped from Argentina to South Korea.

We have their advice for you on van conversion.

The two of them divided the process into two phases. The first phase involved planning and the second was actually doing.

They said that the first thing any person considering van life should do when they start is to establish a budget.

Cazzy stated: “The first thing that you should do is figure out how much money you have available and how much money you would like to spend.”

“Set a budget and decide what you’re going to use the van for – if it’s just for weekends away or surfing trips, then you won’t need to spend as much compared to a van you’re going to live in full time.”

Once you have decided what you want, it is time to find it and get it insurance.

However, be aware that your insurance has a limit on how long you can use it.

The pair broke the process down into two phases: planning and doing


The process was broken down by the pair into two phases: planning, and doing.Credit: dreambigtravelfarblog.com
The very first thing they said anyone converting a van should do is set a budget


Anyone converting vans should establish a budget.Credit: dreambigtravelfarblog.com

Cazzy shared the following: “I didn’t realize that when you buy insurance to convert a van, you get a time limit. And it’s more costly the longer it takes.

“You’ll need to see how much time you can dedicate to converting the van so you can sort out the insurance.”

Plan the layout is the third step of the van design process.

Cazzy said, “Work out how you want your van look.” How many people will you sleep in it? What type of bed do your preference – permanent or foldaway?

“Write down everything you’d feel comfortable with in your van and create the layout.”

When designing their van, the couple employed an old-school method.

Cazzy said: “A lot of people use graphics to see how their layout will look, but we just drew ours on paper and it turned out okay.”

The planning stage of phase one is the final, while phase two begins with the actual conversion.

It will help save time and cut down on costs when you’re starting your van conversion.

“Create a lovely big list and tick things off one by one”

Cazzy stated: “One thing that we would definitely recommend is to plan everything and then order it all before starting.

There is nothing worse than beginning a section only to realize that you have to wait three weeks for the right item.

“Buy everything in and only when it’s all there should you start the conversion – it’ll make it so much easier.”

Then you can build the van of your dreams.

Cazzy shared the following: “For the first few days it’s chaos, but once it’s over the initial bit and it becomes clear what you’re working towards, it gets easier.”

“I would put everything in stages. Create a lovely big list and tick things off one by one.”

They also advised others to not lose heart if things don’t go according to plan.

Cazzy shared that “I love my van because the build was tailored to me and it’s quirky.” We made a mistake when we installed the floor and it has been repaired. We notice it and we own it.

“Even imperfections can be a plus. It’s unique and not like something you buy in a shop.

“I can’t believe it was once just a van. I feel so proud of what we’ve created.”

A couple also transformed an old van, and it now has a home cinema.

And a third couple spent £23,000 transforming a van into a mini hotel – with a fully working tiled bathroom and kitchen.

Cazzy said people shouldn't feel disheartened if something goes wrong as mistakes make your van original


Cazzy stated that people should not feel discouraged if things go wrong.Credit: dreambigtravelfarblog.com


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