Was Prince Harry Really Told Not To Be Overly Sensitive Regarding This Royal Controversy?

Journalist Christopher Andersen revealed who questioned the skin color of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s firstborn, Archie, in his biography “Brothers and Wives,” and the palace wasn’t happy about it. According to Andersen, Prince Charles reportedly asked his wife Camilla, “What do you think their children’s complexion might be?” While the palace denies the claim, Andersen stood by his reporting telling Newsweek, “Using sources that I completely trust, this traces back to a benign comment by Charles in which like every grandparent he speculates on what their children might look like.”

The American journalist went on to defend Prince Charles, claiming the comments were innocent in intent and only became about race once word of the conversation got to Prince Harry. “By the time it got back to Harry the message was quite different,” Andersen said. “So Harry, the message he got in response to complaining about this was, ‘Well you’re just oversensitive. You’re just misinterpreting it.'”

While the royal family continues to deny Andersen’s report, the journalist told Newsweek that the palace’s statement was false. “I think once they finally do look at what I say in the book they will see that this has been misconstrued,” the author said. “I think the spin that’s been taken on it by certain tabloids is fascinating because in essence it absolves Charles and the royal family from allegations of racism.”


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