Warzone’ season two patch includes NPC enemies

Call Of Duty: Warzone season two has officially launched and introduces a whole lot of new content, including a game mode, NPC enemies, and more.

Releasing for Call Of Duty: Vanguard as well, players will now notice that season two features two brand-new locations in the Tac Map – the Chemical Factory and Research Labs – filled with supply boxes with a higher chance of containing rarer items. The factory also contains Nebula V gas, which can be discharged by pressing a red button in the building.

NPC soldiers, named Axis Soldiers, have also been added to the battle royale and are in place to protect the secrets of Nebula V across Caldera. They can be found patrolling the perimeter of the Chemical Factory, watchtowers, and the underground Research Labs.

“While they can technically down and eliminate you, those who have proper awareness, take cover, and fire accurately can neutralize them faster than they could down an armored-up Operator,” Raven Software explained in the blog post.

Armored transport vehicles can also be spotted around Caldera, as well as a bomber plane which can be used to destroy enemy loadout drops.

Caldera Clash is the latest game mode to make its way to Warzone and pits two teams of 48 Operators against each other in a deathmatch. Every kill earns the team a point, and the first team to reach the defined number wins.

Raven Software has released the lengthy patch notes for Call Of Duty Warzone season 2 which can be found here.

Last month, it was announced that Microsoft is in the process of acquiring Activision Blizzard in a deal that is estimated to cost around £50billion ($68billion USD). It was later stated by Xbox Chief Phil Spencer that Call Of Duty titles will remain multi-platform, with Microsoft even committing to the promise.


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