Warning: Android phones “listen to your phone calls” after a major flaw was found in 43% of devices.

Vulnerabilities in Android phones may allow hackers to spy on your phone calls by using malware. 

According to Check Point Software Technologies, MediaTek chips are present in 43% of Android smartphones.


MediaTek chips can be infected with malware by hackers due to a malfunction.Credit: Getty

This means every smartphone using MediaTek’s chips are “vulnerable to eavesdropping attacks or malware infections”You should not install security updates until they are installed.

Three of the major flaws were addressed by MediaTek in October but Check Point’s researchers are recommending that users check with their phone’s manufacturer if they haven’t received the security update. 

It’s likely that older devices won’t receive the update because vendors no longer support them. 

MediaTek’s product security officer, Tiger Hsu said they are working “diligently to validate the issue and make appropriate mitigations available to all [original device manufacturers].”

An update will fix a fourth flaw this month.

There are many ways to protect your phone from malware. First, it’s important to never click on unfamiliar links from emails or text messages.

If you don’t know who is sending you a message, don’t answer it and don’t open any attachments either. 

Never give out your banking or personal information to anyone you don’t know. This information could expose you to fraud or make your money disappear.

Only use the App Store or Google Play to download apps, and not from any third-party website. 

Three of the four major vulnerabilities have been fixed, said MediaTek


MediaTek reported that three of four major vulnerabilities were addressed.Credit: Getty – Contributor

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