Waldrop Kids are a wild bunch over new gifts!

The Waldrop kids of TLC’s Sweet Home SextupletsAfter receiving new gifts, they are running wild. As they opened their gifts, excitement was exuded. Courtney Waldrop, Mom, made sure to capture the moment for fans so they could also be part of it.

Keep reading to check out the videos to see what Courtney and Eric’s children received and what they think of it all.

The Waldrop children prepare for their next adventure.

Courtney recently revealed to her fans that the sextuplets will be going to pre-K this year. This will be a big change because they’ve stayed home with her since they were little. But now that Blu, Layke, Tag, Rawlings, Rivers, and Rayne are four years old, it’s time for them to head off to school!

Below is an adorable picture of Waldrop children having some summer fun.

Courtney also shared a glimpse of her children’s school visit with their teachers on social media this week. You can Check out the video below.

Courtney gave each of her children a few gifts before they left for school.

Courtney Waldrop gives her children special gifts.

On her InstagramStories Courtney shared some cute clips of her children receiving their gifts. Rayne, Rawlings Rivers Tag, Blu, Blu and Layke all gather together to look at their new gear. Each of them received a new backpack, and a coordinating lunchbox. They appear to be excited.

Courtney also shared the clip. “The sextuplets got their new backpacks…they are ready.”

The Waldrop children are examining their lunch boxes and backpacks in the videos below. Courtney has even personalized their school gear with their names. The new backpacks and lunchboxes are loved by all six of the sextuplets.

The videos below will show you how the children are excited about their gifts.

Now, the Waldrop kids are all set to head off to pre-k. Stay tuned for updates from Courtney about the children’s first day of school. She may have lots to share, including funny stories, pictures and videos.

So, what do you think of the Waldrop kids’ excitement over their new backpacks and lunch boxes? Can you believe they’re ready for pre-k? Leave your comments below, and then come back to TV Shows AceFor more information about the Waldrop family, click here

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