Wait! Heather Matarazzo Gaten is Heather’s Mother?

Her role as Lilly Moscovitz is her most well-known. The Princess DiariesInternet users wonder if Heather Matarazzo is related. Stranger Things star, Gaten. Many actually. Stranger Things fans are convinced there is enough of an age difference that Heather Matarazzo could even be Gaten’s mother. The Internet portion that loves Heather Matarazzo is at the minimum. The Princess Diaries  Stranger ThingsThe unusual last name Matarazzo suggests that the two may be related.

So, Is Heather Matarazzo Gaten’s Mother?

The question “Are Heather Matarazzo and Gaten related?” is very common on Google. This question is now going viral across multiple social media platforms. This was after The Princess Diaries These fans were also able to fall in love with each other. Stranger Things Realized that Matarazzo was the last name of both the actor and actress. Could they be related Is Heather Matarazzo Gaten’s mother? People accepted that they were certainly related and that she must be his mother. Stranger Things fans thought it was awesome to picture Lilly Moscovitz as Dustin’s mother.

Strangely, Heather Matarazzo noticed that people were becoming more curious about Gaten. People were sending Heather Matarazzo messages to find out if she was the mother of Gaten.

Stranger Things – YouTube

Heather was asked the question so many times, she decided to clarify. The video went viral after she jumped onto TikTok. These two are related? Is she his mom?

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Heather Matarazzo added the caption to this video “important information”That people need in their daily lives. She cleared the air within the video. She answered everyone’s question once and for all. Is Heather Matarazzo and Gaten related Is she his mother, Heather Matarazzo?

Unfortunately, The Princess Diaries  Stranger Things fans Heather is NOT Gaten’s mother. They also share the same last name. However, they are not related.

In her TikTok video, she explains: “I just wanted to clarify something because I’ve been getting a number of messages regarding this. I absolutely adore Gaten Matarazzo, I think he is brilliant, I think he is wonderful; but I cannot claim him as my son. Because he is not.”


This information is vital for your daily life. 🤣🤣🤣 #fyi #gatenmatarazzo

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When she spoke to Gaten, she expressed her hope that he would also create a video or a social media post to dispel this rumor.

Gaten, I would appreciate your confirmation. I also wonder how inundated you’re getting with messages as well. Yes, I love Gaten Matarazzo, but not my child. I have no kids–they’re all fur babies, I have four-legged babies.”

This wasn’t what fans necessarily wanted to hear. Fans of thankfully enjoyed the experience. Stranger Things  The Princess DiariesThe truth was now known. You thought they were related. Please comment below. Keep checking back for more.

Wait! Heather Matarazzo Gaten is Heather's Mother?
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