Virus outbreak could be ‘peak of the iceberg’, WHO warns as 257 confirmed cases worldwide

The number of cases in the Covid hospital has fallen to its lowest level since last Summer

An expert says that Covid-19 hospital admissions are at their lowest since last summer.

Professor Linda Bauld announced Friday that the daily number of cases of the virus in hospital beds had fallen to less than 50. This was the first time such a low figure has occurred in almost a whole year.

She also mentioned that there were “about 650″People with the virus are now in more than 1,000 hospitals, as compared to 2,000 people last month.

“We’ve seen a significant decline in levels of infection in the community,”On Friday, she spoke on BBC Radio Scotland.

“The (Office for National Statistics) infection survey will have some results out today that shows another drop.”

She continued: “That R number – which nobody is hearing about any more, but is still with us – is well below … it’s between 0.7 and 0.9.”

Prof Bauld stated that the virus was not eliminated and that there is still the possibility of new strains.

Omicron was a variant that spread aggressively in winter. This caused an increase in cases.

“We’re not saying that everything’s over because we may see new variants, and we may see surges in infection again, but we do seem to be in a much more stable situation,”She said.


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