Vin Scully with Dave Roberts ‘He inspired me to be better’

Los Angeles Dodgers and their supporters are grieving the loss Vin Scully, an iconic television and radio broadcaster. 

The news of Scully’s death spread quickly Monday night, including into the team’s dugout as they played the San Francisco Giants. 

Dave Roberts, Dodgers manager was able to recall Vin’s legacy and he was a loved figure to millions.

“He was a friend. He was a friend and he inspired me to be better,”Roberts responded to a question by Spectrum Sportsnet reporter Kirsten WatsonWhat Vin meant to him.  

“There’s not a better storyteller and I think everyone considers him family … He was in our living rooms for so many generations and Dodger fans consider him a part of their family.”

Roberts continued to speak of the Vin “lived a fantastic life. A legacy that will live on forever. And for me to look back on my decades of knowing him and consider him a friend, it’s and honor.”

“So, now it’s kind of our part to continue to keep his legacy alive and realize how lucky we are to be a part of this game baseball. And also, more importantly, is to be Dodgers and to put this uniform on. It’s something special.”

Dave Roberts, Los Angeles Dodgers manager laughs as Vin Scully leads him to the field during Vin Scully’s induction into the Los Angeles Dodgers Ring of Honor at Dodger Stadium. This was May 3, 2017 in Los Angeles. (Harry How/Getty Images)

Roberts said the news of Vin’s death was unexpected. 

“I’m a little surprised. I knew he was sick but I know he was looking down on us right now. We miss him and … still love you,”Roberts spoke while looking up at the sky. 

Watson also asked Roberts about Vin’s legacy with the fans.

“I think if I could put it in one word, he was a gentleman, and that means a lot. So … he was the voice of baseball but how he interacted with fans, how he made baseball games come to life, he was always a gentleman … I’m just so proud to say the he was a friend and he’s family.”


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