Vigil Held For Young Father Killed by Covina Police – Los Angeles

The emotions were high at Wednesday’s Vigil for a father of three and a newborn who was killed in a shooting by Covina police officers over the weekend.

Family and friends of Daniel Valdivia, 24, want answers.

“We want to know what took place,”Naomi Valdivia, a aunt. “Why were they prompted to come out and shoot my nephew? These are all unanswered questions.”

Family members want to know the circumstances surrounding Valdivia’s shooting and death by Covina police officers outside a liquor store, and who opened fire.

Investigators believe that Covina police responded at 10 p.m. to a request for assistance in the store.

Hichem Dhab is the employee of the liquor store. He claims that someone called the police to report on the young man. He believes it was Valdivia.

“He started to drink it next to the wall over there,”He stated. “He started an argument with someone. I went outside. I asked them to leave. Both of them. Both of them left.”

Dhab claims he believed he saw Valdivia holding something in his hand when Dhab returned to the shop an hour later.

“He flashed them with something,”Dhab spoke. “When I turned, he put it back. I see black stuff going inside.”

The details of the shooting were not shared by Covina police officers and the LA County Sheriff’s Department. The shooting is currently being investigated by the State Attorney General under AB1506, a bill which requires that the state prosecutor investigates when police shoot and murder an unarmed civilian.

According to the family, Valdivia left behind three children including a newborn.


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