Viewers vow to boycott the show if Whoopi Goldberg fails to fulfill viewers’ wishes and brings back’most dislikeable’ celebs

FANS of The View threatened to boycott The View after Charlamagne tha God, the host of radio, returned to Whoopi Goldberg’s show.

Viewers voiced dissatisfaction with his appearance and called him one the show’s most unusual celebrity guests.


Whoopi Goldberg invited back a guest who clearly is not a fan favouriteCredit to ABC
Charlamagne Tha God sat in on The View


Charlamagne Tha God participated in The ViewCredit: ABC

Charlamagne was invited to speak on politics earlier in the week by Lenard McKelvey (real name Charlamagne).

Some of the other hosts were surprised to see him attack Liz Cheney, who Ana Navarro had called her a “shameful host”. “profile in courage”And a “hero”In today’s politics

However, the late-night talk-show host at tv was strongly opposed by her 44-year old age.

“She was complicit for four years,”He retorted. “When you ride with Donald Trump on damn near everything for four years, I don’t think you can be considered a hero.”

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On Twitter, his fans clapped back, furious that he was allowed to be on the show.

“Charlemane tha … whatever,”One person was dismissed.

“I’m out,”Another user tweeted bluntly, using the hashtag #TheView

A third spoke out: “I’mma pass on the Charlamagne segment. Y’all got this.”

One fan expressed more dissatisfaction with the host.

“He doesn’t interview well, goes off on tangents about his life and struggle, and it’s not even that good of a story,”The person shared.

“Honestly, it seems that he does these shows just for the money and doesn’t enjoy them at all.

“He doesn’t seem someone honest who cares about other people and wants to get to know them, he just is there to collect a paycheck.”


Charlamage appears to have Whoopi as a fan, and he ended his segment by inviting him back to stay for a longer time.

“You should come back and co-host with us at some point,”Before thanking him, Whoopi said and then threw to commercial.

Fans took to Twitter again to express their dismay at this possibility.

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“There she go inviting folks to co-host,”One fan sent a tweet disapprovingly.

“Whoopi, with her courtesy offer to co-host just extended to CTG,”Another addition, featuring a number of crying-laughing Emojis. “Not on my watch.”

Fans promised to boycott the show when Charlamagne is on


Charlamagne’s fans have promised to boycott this show.Credit: ABC
During his most recent appearance, Charlamagne clashed with guest host Ana Navarro


Charlamagne clashed recently with Ana Navarro as guest host.Credit: ABC
The radio host has been criticized for his interview style


Radio host was criticized for his interview styleCredit to The Breakfast Club


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