Video: Huntington Beach dog attacked in his backyard by a coyote

Huntington Beach has been experiencing problems with coyotes in recent years. A new video shows that the difficulties may not be over.

A home security camera captured the terrifying sounds and heart-wrenching images from a coyote attacking a Huntington Beach small dog.

After a city meeting about wild animals was held last month, the attack comes just two months after a coyote attack in April on a 2-yearold girl.

Police killed two coyotes including the one that attacked the child. However, residents still seem to be dealing with predators and scavengers.

The victim, a Boston Terrier named Sadie, refused to go down without a fight.

Cody, her Labrador Labrador, ran to her aid and the now-freed terrier led chase against the intruder.

“All of a sudden I heard Sadie, our Boston terrier, just screaming for her life. I came running outside, Cody almost knocked me down. He was going 100 miles per hour. We didn’t know what was going on. We didn’t see any coyote. It was already gone at that point,” said dog owner Freddy Patriarca.

The footage is the proof. The coyote jumped over the 6-foot wall surrounding the Patriarcas’ backyard and went in for the kill as they were just feet away in their kitchen and living room.

Freddy, Melissa and their eight children — five human, three canine, including fellow four-legged friend Zoe — have lived in this house for several years.

“Like I don’t think I’ve ever heard a screech like that,”Melissa Patriarca was added.

Sadie sustained puncture wounds to her neck, but no other major injuries. The vet prescribed antibiotics, pain medication and lots of loving care, but she’s always had that, the Patriarcas said.

“Normally always someone is home with them. It’s just getting a lot, especially when I’m hearing about children getting attacked. I’m nervous for my own children. It’s scary,” Melissa said.

“These coyotes do not have enough food, and they’re going after our animals now,”Freddy also added.

The Patriarcas said they plan to install flood lights in the backyard and they’re keeping a bat nearby.

They’re looking into other safety measures but acknowledge there are no simple, easy answers.

They simply want the public to know about the threat from coyotes living in this area.


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