Victoria Principal ‘Dumped’ Young Andy Gibb Who Blamed His Fall from Fame on Their Affair — He Later Died at 30

Andy Gibb, the late singer and songwriter, had a long and successful career. His drug abuse and breakup with Victoria Principal were two of his biggest problems. Continue reading for more information.

Victoria Principal, the Hollywood classic actress of Hollywood, is now in her seventies and happy being out of the spotlight. But it wasn’t always this way. 

Principal pursued fame in her youth, and sometimes even gave up her love. She was married to Christopher Skinner in 1980.

American actress Victoria Principal, with Christopher Skinner, circa 1980. Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Principal described their love story as a perfect match. They had a wonderful romance and were certain they would be together forever after their third date.

The pair Got married in 1978 and soon realized a difference in goals. Skinner was impatient with his wife’s pursuit of her career. He knew he wanted a woman who would remain at home.

Principal’s career aspirations were brightened by this, but it was not the same. They tried to come to an agreement, but they couldn’t reach any. Skinner and his two-year-old wife split in 1980. 

Victoria Principal and Christopher Skinner at the 1979 Photoplay Awards at MervGriffin Studios Los Angeles, California, United States.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images


Principal shared her feelings about Skinner’s divorce and how they were able to reconcile. Principal stated that she was happy to leave Skinner’s marriage and has no regrets. 

The “Vigilante Force”In the 1980s, actress became famous and continued to be a star in Hollywood until the 1990s. This was her first role on primetime TV. “Dallas.”Principal was now more at ease and ready to go back to the dating pool. 

She met Andy Gibb, a young singer who was promising a bright future in music, during this time. Gibb was her younger brother and they were both stars at their peak.Source: Getty Images

1981 file photo of Victoria Principal & Andy Gibb attending the Peoples Choice Awards. | Source: Getty Images

The “Naked Lie”The actress considered the singer her perfect match. The duo was famous and understood the weight of it all. Gibb and Principal were eight years apart in age, but Principal didn’t mind.

When she was asked about this, she said she had no problem with age differences if a man interested her. The 32-year old AdditionalSource: Getty Images

“When I meet an attractive intelligent man, I don’t check his birth certificate.”

File Photo of Andy Gibb & Victoria Principal at the PIrates of Penzance play in Los Angeles, California on June 3, 1981. | Source: Getty Images

Principal was 31 years old when she met Gibb. He was 23 at the time. Principal described the period between her divorce proceedings and finding a new relationship as a time when she had no choice but to step back. “the light.” 

Gibb was once the man she shared her love for. She said that she was in love with a man who would allow her to be herself “strong and capable”She specialized in her area of expertise, and she also allowed him to be there for her when she needed. 

Victoria Principal, 14th Carousel of Hope Ball for Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills (California), United States Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images


Principal was aware that Gibb was a well-known figure and that he was during a period of women gravitating towards him. She admitted that she also wanted him for these reasons. 

Gibb was Ebenso smitten by her, constantly talking about her. People once reported that he was a fan of her. “Dallas”Principal is the reason. The pair began their relationship after meeting at David Johnson’s guest photo.

Principal didn’t want to be married again, despite their mutual understanding and similarity. Principal stated that she did not intend to marry the “Rest Your Love On Me” crooner. 

Picture shows Victoria Principal, actress, and Andy Gibb, singer, posing together.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Just a few days before Gibb turned 24, Principal Call offTheir relationship. His infatuation made her feel smothered and she didn’t want to be with him any more. Gibb’s attention overwhelmed the actress.

The young singer couldn’t get enough of her and called her frequently even when they were apart. She later told him to stop calling her phone when she was on the sets ofSource: Getty Images “Dallas.”

File Photo of Victoria Principal & Andy Gibb at the Pirates of Penzance play opening in Los Angeles, California on June 10, 1981. | Source: Getty Images


Principal was able, after the split-up, to move on. But, the story was not the same for Gibb. Gibb spiraled out-of-control, not taking into account his rapidly growing career. 

Gibb stopped attending shows, and one year he was unable to attend the American Music Awards. He couldn’t focus on his career nor forge ahead. 

Gibb also resorted to drug use. Principal said that Gibb’s drug addiction was a major reason for her split. She recalls how Principal had told her to choose between her or the drugs. 

Andy Gibb, singer, poses for a portrait 1981 in Los Angeles.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Although the music star was losing his way, he knew he was not in control. Gibb once told how he was able to stay awake for up to two weeks after the breakup. He explained that producers kept calling him to get work, but he could not gather the strength. 

Gibb continued to wallow after a broken heart, not willing to have any more serious relationships. He had financial problems and eventually went bankrupt. 

The “Shadow Dancing”After suffering heartbreak, singer couldn’t find his groove again. Gibb was then admitted to hospital with severe stomach pain two days after turning 30. 

Andy Gibb, singer, poses for a portrait 1981 in Los Angeles.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

He felt discomfort the first time he felt it. After being examined, his doctor recommended that he get a bed.

Gibb was not able to make it. He fell to his death before anything could be done for medical reasons. Gibb’s tragic death was a bittersweet moment in his career, which could have been so much more.

Andrew Rob Gibb, also known as Andy Gibb, was a British singer-songwriter, performer and teen idol.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

According to Freddie Gershon (ex-president of Gibb Records), Gibb was Carefully and “too sensitive.”

He noted that the late star did not know how to handle rejection, which led to his relapse. But, in Gibb’s defense, he never faced any form of denial,And he did not have a tough skin. Gershon said that although the singer grew older, he was still frozen in time when he was 17 years old. 


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