Vehicle Goes Over Griffith Park Cliff With Woman Inside – Los Angeles

According to Los Angeles Fire Department, an SUV crashed into a Griffith Park cliff Wednesday morning. It traveled approximately 300 feet down into Canyon with at least one passenger.

LAFD received a 911 call regarding the incident around 6:49 AM.

According to the LAFD, the passenger, a 68 year-old woman, was awake and talking when Park Rangers arrived at her car. Her injuries are not yet fully understood.

Firefighters were present at the scene. “making their way down with equipment, to assess the situation”Find out the best route to get her to the road and out of the canyon, as per the LAFD.

NewsChopper4 captured rescuers preparing the woman to be flown by helicopter from the accident site.

There was no immediate information on her condition.

This is still a developing story. Keep checking back for more updates.


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