Valerie Bertinelli has Completely Made This Up

Valerie Bertinelli lost 50 pounds after the Jenny Craig diet and was then featured on People’s 2009 cover wearing a bikini. Now, the achievement feels less like an illusion than a weight-loss obsession because of the honest follow-up. Here are excerpts taken from her memoir (via People), “I started to gain weight as soon as the photo shoot ended.”

Bertinelli reveals the secret to this momentous occasion by simply saying, “I was starving myself and doing twice a day workouts.”Bertinelli has felt more at ease with the passage of time, especially when it comes to understanding how others might be affected by her participation in dieting. “We’re all part of this diet culture that isn’t actually helping us, our mental or emotional health,”She explained. Bertinelli is now able to see the larger issue from beyond her own struggles in unlearning a lifetime’s worth of fitness and health fads. “I’ve learned there are many people that feel the same exact way that I do. Some of us were taught the wrong things.”

She emphasizes that at this stage in her journey, she is not finished. “it’s not about the number”The scale. She’s actually completely out of it, writing. “I gave up the damn scale. I haven’t weighed myself since I finished writing the book and all I know is every time I put on my jeans, they fit.” As for why she’s shifted her mentality, she declared, “This is what I am. Right now. Today.”


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