Valencia Catalytic Converter Thieves Lead Pursuit and Crash – Los Angeles

Authorities said that three people sustained serious injuries when their car, which allegedly contained stolen catalytic convertors, collided with a Valencia sheriff’s SUV. A deputy was also injured.

According to Lt. Brandon Barkley, Santa Clarita Valley station of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the deputy was taken to the hospital by paramedics for minor injuries.

A vehicle suspected of having stolen catalytic converters was being pursued by deputies. Barkley said that the pursuit ended at 3:12 a.m. Saturday after the vehicle started moving erratically near the Golden State (5) Freeway. It eventually left the surface streets.

The sheriff’s watch commander said that about 30 seconds later, the Burbank police department made a call for help regarding a pursuit.

“The same suspects we had initially pursued doubled back and crashed into the deputy’s SUV,” he said. “Three suspects were taken into police custody, and several catalytic convertors were also recovered.

Barkley claims that all three attempted to flee on foot but only two of them succeeded. “too much pain” and were apprehended immediately. He said the third person was “It is located in a tree near a house.

According to a dispatcher from Los Angeles County Fire Department, paramedics and firefighters were dispatched at 3:20 a.m. to the crash site.


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