USA Skateboarding Names 2022 National Team – Los Angeles

Tuesday morning, USA Skateboarding will announce it’s 2022 National Team.  NBC4 was there with the team when they gathered for their first meeting this weekend. “team-building”Los Angeles’ Berrics offers a unique experience. 

The sixteen-member team includes eight street skaters as well as eight park skaters.  

“It feels amazing to be named to the national team again and make it on this list with all these heavy hitters and exchange that energy with all these great dudes”Dashawn Jordan from North Hollywood said it. 

The majority of the team resides in California, with Nyjah Huston, who is the highest ranked skater in all of the world. 

“It’s an honor to be a part of the national team”Huston.   

“It’s still something that is so new to skating.  It’s another aspect and a feeling that makes you want to try harder, and practice harder and just go for it as much as possible.” 

Jagger Eaton, a proud Arizonan, moved to Encinitas before the Tokyo games, where he won the first ever bronze medal in the men’s street event.  

“My biggest take away from the Olympic games is,  there is no contest like the Olympic games!” 

 He says the progression in skateboarding right now is “crazy.” 

“We are constantly working. Everyone on this team is looking to dominate what we do”Eaton. 

There will be lots of shredding and grinding over the next two-years as skateboarders attempt to qualify for the 2024 summer Games. 

“Of course I am thinking about Paris. That’s a huge goal of mine to make it to Paris”Heimana Reynolds, another 2020 Oympian. 

“ Look at the team, everyone here is so good.  All skaters here today, and out there, anyone can make it.  Looking forward to trying to do my best.”

Three new members will be joining the team, including Gavin Bottger (15-year-old Oceanside skater). 

“Feels insane. I am just super happy. Stoked.” 

Paige Heyn is the youngest member of the team at 14 years old. She says that she feels very welcome by the veterans. 

“Everyone is so uplifting, always”Heyn. 

“Super cool to have them on the team.  These Young bright faces.  Always smiling.   Always having a good time. Really Sick to have them here and on the team with us”Reynolds. 

Reynolds, despite being on the competitive circuit as a young teenager, says that he still feels the same way. “buzz”It is a great way to learn new skills. 

“Everyday I skate I fall more and more in love with it”Reynolds. 

Jordan, who missed the 2020 team, said that skateboarding competition is different at this elite level. 

“It’s just pushing each other to the next level. Having that energy that is just flowing, says Jordan, “It’s a dope feeling to have and it never gets old.”

Although the competition for the 2024 games will be fierce, Zion Wright, an Olympian and member of the 2022 national team, said that it’s really about having fun. 

“All the fun.  Cause that’s what we do. That’s what skating is we just love to have fun.”


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