Urgent warning about password errors putting online accounts in danger

Experts have warned that MILLIONS could be at-risk of having their private information stolen due to weak computer passwords.

As users try to remember their login information for various accounts, digital security professionals remind them of common mistakes and ways they can avoid them.


Digital security experts warn people that millions of people are making common mistakes when it comes to their passwords for online accounts.Credit: alengo / Getty

A new survey by Uswitch.com found that the most common mistake people make is writing down their passwords on paper. Express Report.

Although it can be helpful to remember your login details, it could easily be stolen by someone with malicious intent.

Uswitch advises people to never put their passwords down, whether it’s on a piece of paper or stored in an email on your computer.

Another mistake is to use common phrases or patterns such as ‘12345’Or ‘qwerty.’ 

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These codes are most likely to be the first combination an intruder may try to access your digital world.

Experts recommend that you avoid storing personal information if you want your accounts to be safe from hackers.

Using your birthdate may seem like a helpful way to incorporate numbers that you won’t forget.

That kind of information has a problem though. Anyone who knows it might be able assume it.

These personal details can also be found online. Hackers could easily find these information and attempt to hack into your accounts.

“It’s apparent that people are still making simple mistakes when it comes to choosing a password,”Nick Baker, Uswitch.com’s broadband expert, stated.

“As most of our lives are stored online, it’s never been more important to ensure that our private data is protected, and having a strong password is the first line of defense against hackers.”

These common mistakes can be avoided, but the digital security company recommends that users use different passwords for different accounts. It is important not to share passwords with others and to not include names of family members. 

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If you’re looking to take some proactive steps to beef up your digital privacy, Upswitch says there are a few things you can do.

Look for ways to make information or a phrase that you remember into a code. An example of this, provided by Express, is: T3rRy550c1alMed!Ac1234 (Terrys Social Media Account).

It is also a good idea to make your sentences longer and more complex.

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