Upcoming ‘Battlefield 2042’ scoreboard update has been delayed

EA Dice has announced that Battlefield 2042‘s recently confirmed scoreboard update has been delayed to March.

Earlier this week (February 1), the developer revealed its roadmap for the game detailing upcoming updates ahead of the release of season one. One of those updates included the addition of an in-round scoreboard which will be added following feedback from players requesting two tables, separating the team versus the enemy.

EA Dice confirmed that it’s working on it for release, while K.D scoring and End of Round reporting will also arrive in a future update. However, today (February 3), the developer has announced that it will be delaying the new Battlefield 2042 features.

Alongside releasing a hotfix today, which restored the Renewal map for Xbox One and PS4 players, a new Twitter post shared by the Battlefield Direct Communication account explained that the scheduled release of the scoreboard update later this month will now go live in March instead.

“Our next Update after today’s Hotfix will now roll out in early March. This is a change from our last messaging to you all on its intended release,” the post reads. “The extra time will help to ensure we improve the quality of our Updates, and include additional changes.”

The roadmap also detailed several other updates that are expected to arrive ahead of season one, including voice communication – intended for all platforms – as well as profiles which will give a better overview of a player’s career in the game while also showing how far players have to go for their next unlock.

Team play will also be updated with an improved reward loop for when players and their squad play the objective, as well as improvements to gunplay and Portal with expanded tools, modes and tweaks.

In the meantime, a new look at Apex Legends‘ Mad Maggie has been released.


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