Uncle Dale Mills Sends a Special Birthday Shout to His ‘Podna.

OutDaughteredThis week, Uncle Dale Mills posted a special shoutout to his birthday on social media. He wished his nephew a happy birthday. “podna”He shared a photo with his fans to wish him a happy Birthday. Read on to learn more and to hear his thoughts.

Dale was honored to celebrate the birthday of someone very special. Dale made sure to send love and support for this occasion.

So, who is Dale’s “podna?”

Uncle Dale Mills gives a special birthday shout to his son ‘Podna’

In a fresh InstagramDale posted on Tuesday, August 2 that he wished McKenzie a happy twelveth birthday. The funniest OutDaughteredUncle said: “Happy 12th birthday to my beautiful Kenzie Girl! And My favorite TikTok podna!”

If you don’t know, podna is a slang term for friend, according to Urban Dictionary

He also shared a photo of his daughter which you can see here.

Uncle Dale Mills Instagram, McKenzie Mills

Uncle Dale shared another story on social media later. Post about McKenzie’s special day. He shared a photo of their family of four, plus their pup, Kobe, with McKenzie’s cake.

You can see it below.

Uncle Dale Mills Instagram

Aunt KiKi Chimes In On McKenzie’s Special Day

All by herself Instagram page, Uncle Dale Mills’ wife, KiKi, shared a post about McKenzie’s birthday. She included McKenzie’s baby photo, along with a more recent, in her post.

KiKi wished her “Kenzie Girl”A happy birthday. The mom then wrote: “Keep blossoming like the beautiful girl you are! We love you big!”

See the adorable snaps below.

Aunt KiKi Mills Instagram

According to what Dale shared with KiKi, McKenzie had an amazing birthday. She’s certainly very loved by her family. She is loved by her family, too. OutDaughtered fans love her, too.

OutDaughtered Fans Celebrate Uncle Dale & Aunt KiKi’s Daughter

In the comments sections of both Uncle Dale and Aunt KiKi’s posts, fans are pouring in with birthday wishes. They are thrilled to see McKenzie’s photos and wish her a happy birthday.

Many OutDaughtered fans also can’t believe how much McKenzie has grown. Next year, McKenzie will be a teenager.

So, what do you think of Aunt KiKi and Uncle Dale Mills’ birthday tributes to McKenzie? Can you believe how quickly she’s growing up? Comment below and return to TV Shows AceMore information on the OutDaughtered family.

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