UK weather warning – three HUGE iPhone mistakes that will ruin your handset in heatwave

YOUR iPhone doesn’t cope well in extreme heat – so make sure you’re not making any common mistakes.

The UK is experiencing scorching temperatures and there are some things to be aware of.


Sunbathers at Bournemouth, DorsetCredit: ©Graham Hunt

This week, some Brits have been enjoying 34C temperatures.

However, overheating can have devastating effects on an iPhone.

Let your iPhone get too toasty could trigger a worrying pop-up that shuts your phone down.

Even Apple has warned that letting your iPhone temperature rise too high could “permanently shorten battery life”.

Keeping your iPhone in direct sunlight

First, don’t leave your iPhone out in direct sunlight for too long.

This can make it heat up quickly.

This is especially true if the iPhone is left in direct sunlight.

“Using an iOS device in very hot conditions can permanently shorten battery life,”An Apple support post.

Letting your iPhone overheat

It’s easy for iPhones to reach a temperature higher than normal on hot days.

Apple has specific warnings for things you absolutely shouldn’t do today with your iPhone:

  • On a hot day, leave the device in a car.
  • For extended periods of time, leave the device in direct sun
  • Some features should not be used in direct sunlight or hot conditions.

There are many ways to reduce your risk even on very hot days.

You should not place your iPhone under your bed or in your pocket.

Smartphones heat up faster if they are connected to mobile data than Wi-Fi.

And if you’re making a call, that’ll boost phone temperature too – especially because your blower will be in your warm hands.

Don’t give your iPhone the chance to cool off

You’ll be notified if your iPhone becomes too hot.

If temperatures rise above 40 degrees Celsius, Apple will shut down the iPhone.

A temperature warning will be displayed before automatic switch-off.

It will read: “Temperature. iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it.”

if you feel your phone getting warm, stop using it – or even turn it off.

Do not use powerful apps for prolonged periods of time. This is especially important when playing games, as they can quickly heat up your phone’s processor.

You can quickly get your iPhone back up and running if there is a sudden shutdown.

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UK weather warning – three HUGE iPhone mistakes that will ruin your handset in heatwave

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