UK weather forecast LIVE – ‘Loose cannon’Jet stream to bring WASHING ‘rain & thunder’in the lead up to Jubilee Bank Holiday

THE MET Office confirmed that Brits can look forward to seeing ‘hail and thunder’Next week, before the Jubilee Bank Holiday.

It has already been said that the weather for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee bank holiday looks unclear – and it could be a washout across the country.

The Met Office forecast predicting the weather next week does say there is a possibility of sunshine, coming in from the Atlantic, but it is still early to be sure what will happen.

However, showers are likely for the entire country if the Azores experience low pressure.

The Met Office’s UK forecast for Tuesday to Thursday states that it will be “rather cool with a mixture of sunny spells and showers, some heavy with hail and thunder.”

They also added: “Becoming mostly dry with plenty of sunshine and warmer on Thursday.”

Read our UK weather live blog below for the latest forecasts and news…


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