UK weather forecast LIVE – Brutal THUNDERSNOW phenomenon to strike within days as temperatures plunge to -4C

How cold must it get to send you home?

Employers don’t have to send employees home if it is too cold.

Since October 2012, English schools have not had to experience minimum temperatures.

The School Premises Regulations 2012 (England), don’t stipulate a safe temperature for classrooms, but the National Education Union recommends that it be at least 18C.

Employers are responsible for heating the workplace in the event of extreme cold.

Employers should include flexible hours or rotas in their work schedules to help lessen the effects of a cold snap. But they don’t have to.

The Sun spoke with Kate Palmer, Head of Advisory at Peninsula, an employment law consultancy. She said that employers are not required to pay employees who fail to show up for work.

  1. It is very bad weather
  2. Public transport is not running
  3. They missed hours of work because they arrived late

Additionally, employees don’t have a legal right not to be paid if they need to take a day off for an emergency.


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