UK weather forecast – Brits BATTERED by freezing snow & blustery winds but temps to RISE in 12C winter warmer NEXT WEEK

How to stay warm in bed during winter

With the frosty winter weather, it’s no surprise many of us are spending more time in bed to avoid the big chill.

UK-based Georgia Metcalfe, co-founder and creative director of The French Bedroom Company has come to the rescue and provided five tips that will keep you toasty throughout the next few cold months.

According to the sleep expert, the best temperature to help you nod off is around 18°C – and this can be achieved in the colder months by turning up the duvet tog.

“Choose a higher tog duvet of at least 13 which will retain as much heat as possible,” she explains.

“It will allow you to stay snuggly throughout the colder months, and you will never want to leave your boudoir as it keeps you wonderfully cosy.”

“If you want an added layer, place a velvet bedspread on top of your bed linen, or for something more luxurious, try cashmere.”

She went on to note that it’s easy to feel lethargic when the alarm goes off on a cold morning, but says you will feel more comfortable by changing the materials in your bed such as altering your bedwear to silk pyjamas and putting on a pair of soft socks as this will help you feel warmer, improving your sleep in the process.


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