UK Snow Forecast LIVE – The exact date of snow and Arctic blast could hit is revealed, as the entire country is at high risk

Next week, cold snap

Snow could return in the next week due to a cold snap.

“Wintry showers”Frosty temperatures and freezing fog will be the norm starting Tuesday. There is a chance for some white stuff to mix in.

Charts for January 24, show snow probability between 50-60% in the Scottish Highlands with a chance of 25-30% in northern England.

Also, mercury will drop to zero in the southeast and -1C in some parts of Wales.

According to the Met Office’s long-range forecast for February, the period will see a gradual transition towards more unstable conditions.

“The Northwest is more susceptible to heavy precipitation, particularly later in a period. But, the southeast has a higher chance of experiencing dry conditions, especially earlier in a period.

“Spells of strong wind are most likely in the north.

“Temperatures likely to be slightly above average overall. Some colder interludes are still expected though, bringing a risk of occasional snow, most likely over northern hills.”


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