UCLA fraternity lends a hand to family of young patient at nearby hospital

A young boy’s battle with a rare syndrome has captured the attention of many, including the Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers at UCLA.

Dane Jay, who is 11 months old, was diagnosed with cardiospondylocarpofacial syndrome after he was born, and among the wide list of symptoms is heart issues.

Earlier this month, Dane began suffering breathing issues, and his heart is now failing, so he may need a heart transplant, according to Megen Jay, Dane’s mother, and a GoFundMe created for the family.

“He’s a baby. These are not things that you think are going to happen to your baby,” she said.

After members of the fraternity, whose house is located just across the street from Dane’s room at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital, found out about Dane on social media, they’ve worked to comfort the family.

“Every time I come down, I look up at his window and wave,” said Nathaniel King, chapter president.

The SAEs also used Christmas lights to spell out Dane’s name and put a heart on the fraternity house roof.

“Anything we can do to let them know we’re rooting for them,” King said.

Dane’s father, Christopher Jay, said seeing the illuminated SAE house helps raise his family’s spirits.

“It definitely does help having people like this sharing so much caring and love and support with us,” Christopher Jay added.

The fraternity members have also been sharing links to the GoFundMe on social media, with plans that some contributions will be matched.

Megen Jay said she’s been impressed by the fraternity members.

“I hope that Dane grows up to be like one of these men up here,” she said.


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