Tyson Fury’s trainer predicts Dillian Whyte KO punch on new corner footage

Sugar Hill Steward Fury’s trainer predicted the brutal right uppercut that stopped Whyte in their heavyweight championship clash. He also gave advice to the world champion in Fury’s corner

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Eddie Hearn reacts at Dillian Whyte’s Tyson Fury “cheating” claim

Sugar Hill Steward, Tyson Fury’s trainer, predicted Dillian Whyte’s victory in the first round.

In front of a record 94,000 people at Wembley Stadium, Fury made history as the ‘Gypsy King’ alongside his British counterpart. Fury was able to score a devastating sixth round stoppage when he landed a powerful uppercut to end the show.

Fury’s trainer Steward consulted Fury after the bell rang to signal end of the opening round. “Big shots down the middle, just taking your time because he is going to fall right into it. That shot you threw hurt him, it woke his a** up. Fury quickly responded: “The right hand” To which Steward replied: “You can.”

He dominated throughout the fight and patiently worked for openings in the early stages, with Whyte beginning the opening round in the southpaw stance. He was in the ascendency on the judges’ scorecards before closing the show with a devastating right hand through the middle of Whyte’s guard.

The punch came just as advised in the corner by the American trainer, who guided Fury to his 32nd professional victory. Steward has worked with Fury since his illustrious rematch victory over Deontay Wilder in 2020 and has given the star a new aggressive edge under his mentorship.

However Whyte was unhappy with the KO punch after the fight where he claimed he was pushed to the canvas. “I was buzzed by the uppercut. But as I was trying my best to recover my senses, he full on shoved and I fell on the canvas. It is illegal.” Whyte told Sky Sports.

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“This isn’t wrestling, this is boxing, but as usual, they let Fury do what he wants and get away with it. I should have been allowed extra time to recover and then carry on fighting. He pushed me and said to the referee, ‘Don’t let the fight carry on’.

Fury took to the ring to announce his retirement after the result was announced which could see an end to their working relationship. Steward expects his fighter to stick to his word after growing frustrated with missed opportunities throughout his career.

“I’m sure that most of his retirement comes down to not being able to get the fights he desires.” Steward spoke to Sky Sports. “It’s really mentally challenging to be offered fights and go through negotiations for fights and then for them to fall through at the end. For him being retired I’m happy because that’s what he wants.

“We on the outside sometimes don’t understand that. We just say ‘if he gets the fight he’ll come back’, it’s not as easy as being on the outside going through what happens on the inside. It’s the sport he loves so much, and it’s hurting him like that. All of these things should be respected and taken into account.

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