Two Children are abandoned by their mother after divorce. Mom looks into their eyes seven years later to give an explanation

A mom-of-2 mysteriously vanished one day after her husband divorced her. She left behind her 9-year old daughter and her 5-year-old son. They didn’t know where her mother was but wrote her heartfelt letters. Seven years later, she would return.

What is your most vivid childhood memory? Most people can recall more vividly traumatic childhood memories than happy ones. Because when something hurts, you often think about it all day and sometimes even blame yourself.

Watching your parents part ways after a messy divorce is one such scarring memory that haunts you forever. Children often go through this traumatizing experience. It’s difficult for them to heal without a good therapist. In this case, they can meet their mother after seven year. 

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Everything was going smoothly in Daisy’s and Kris’s lives until Jim and Misty decided to split. The children woke up one morning crying because they couldn’t find their mother. Misty wasn’t there.

The kids felt alone and sought comfort from Jim. They cried and hugged Jim, letting their tears run down their cheeks.

Jim didn’t think about the impact his words might have on his children. SubmittedKris and Daisy learned that their mother had left them because of her choice. He said she would never come back, which made her a villain in their eyes. 

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Jim tried everything to calm his children but it didn’t work. The motherly love they longed for could not be replaced by anyone. They wanted Misty back and to wrap her arms around them. 

Soon, Kris and Daisy began to blame themselves for the sudden disappearance of their mother. They believed they weren’t good enough and that their mother wouldn’t allow them to live with her.

Daisy, nine years old, had to leave her mother and move in with her family. Take a lookKris, 5 years old, didn’t understand the fact that his mother would not return. Little Daisy put her little brother to bed, fed him, and did all the things a mother would do for her child.

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Oprah Winfrey was contacted by a distraught Jim in 2007 to offer her help. Jim was with his children when she called Oprah Winfrey to help him. 

Oprah’s heartbreaking Oprah episode featured children who were left in their grief. Cries hysterically while reading aloud the letters they had written for their mother after discussing their feelings with psychotherapist M. Gary Neuman. Daisy, 11 years old Submitted:

“I miss baking cookies as a family and you helping us do our homework. I still love you, Mom, but what you did in the past makes me not love you so much like I used to.”

Oprah Winfrey, Daisy, Kris and Jim. | Source:


Neuman showed that the children blaming themselves for their mother’s disappearance tried to bring her home. Kris claimed that he bought Misty a fake ring from his savings but she refused to buy it. Daisy dressed up in pretty clothes, hoping Misty would come back.

Little Kris wanted to talk to his mother again and see her. Kris was only a little boy when she left. He didn’t have any vivid memories, but his heart felt empty. In his sincere letter, he Submitted:

“When I think of you and Daddy not living together, I feel so sad. I do not understand why you got divorced. Sometimes I dream about Dad being sad. About not having you around. I wish that you didn’t get a divorce.”

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After appearing on Oprah’s first Oprah show, Daisy and Kris were reunited five years later after they learned of Misty’s whereabouts. Misty spent time in jail near her home for not paying child support and producing fake financial records. 

She wrote Jim a note informing him about her circumstances. Oprah had already set up a meeting with Misty to reunite the children. Oprah asked Daisy her expectations of the meeting before she took them to safety inside jail. Daisy :

“I need to know why she did what she did and to get the apology because I deserve it.”

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Oprah asked Daisy whether an apology from Misty would suffice. Daisy responded that it would take many years before she can forgive her mother for leaving her. The 16-year old recalled seeing her mother when she was watching other girls get their nails done by their moms. She :

“I’m the only girl in this house. How am I supposed to live like this?”

Kris stated that he did not consider Misty to be a friend. “mother figure”She was not there anymore, and he didn’t even know her name. He had lost hope of seeing her as a child. Oprah went to Misty after talking with the children. He didn’t know that the mother would tell a different story. 

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Oprah and Misty sat down on chairs in the prison building to discuss the past. Oprah asked Misty why she had left her children. Misty replied that she never abandoned them. According to her, Jim had stopped her from meeting the kids and told them a different story. Misty :

“I’ve been wanting to see them all these years.”

Soon Daisy entered the room, sat next to her mother, and Misty covered Daisy’s face with her hand. It was unreal to see Daisy after seven years. Kris, on the contrary, decided not to meet his mom because it was too overwhelming. 

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Daisy stated that she was hurt to see her mother after seven long years, as it brought back the memories of Misty’s times. She remembered how embarrassing it was for Jim to show her how to do this. “girl stuff.” Daisy To her mom:

“All my memories of you are terrible!”

Daisy was in tears and said that Kris had to be looked after like a mother, because Misty wouldn’t do her job. Daisy also claimed she saw her “cheating on her dad,” while Misty explained that she and Jim had many problems. 

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After Daisy vented her emotions, Misty burst into tears and apologized for everything that had transpired in the past seven years. She admitted that she thought about Kris and Daisy all her life, but gave in too quickly.

Misty arrives at the end of their meeting. promisedShe wouldn’t let her children go. She assured Daisy and Kris that no matter what, she would never let them down. 

The story of this family reminds parents not to badmouth each other in front of their children if their marriage ends up in a messy divorce. Adults must not lie about their ex-partner to their children. This story is for people who have experienced a difficult divorce which has affected their children. 

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