Two Americans tried traditional English food – what did they think?

As part of the US Team here Indy100,We have a responsibility to keep up-to-date with UK culture and news. We read about UK news, politics, and entertainment all day long but when it comes to experiencing the customs of a citizen, we’re out in left field.

Our editor suggested that we try some British sweets and foods. We were pleasantly surprised.

He selected eight foods from the UK-based New York City store for us to try. Myers of KeswickBlindly, we taste-tested them.

Read on to see what we think about Mars Bars and Scotch Eggs.

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Scotch Egg

We were shocked to discover that the scotch eggs was not what we had hoped for when we cut into them.
The Independent

Breanna Robinson: I didn’t know how to place this at all. Looking at the ball of breaded dough, I first wanted to give it a sniff – and was shocked that it didn’t have much of a smell. When I began to cut into the dough, it revealed a hardboiled eggs and what appeared to be uncooked sausage meat. This gave off a distinct smell. Putting my fear aside, I took a small bite – and I wasn’t impressed.

BR’s Verdict: I am not a fan.

Ariana Baio:Although I’m not a vegetarian, I tried it. The smell of the scotch-egg when I cut it was horrible.

AB’s verdict:Do not share this with friends.

Cheese Onion Potato Pasty

BR:It reminded of both a Jamaican pat and an empanada. This brought back memories of delicious, quick childhood meals.

BR’s verdict:I would eat again without any questions.

AB: Big empanada vibes. It looked very inviting and it seems like a great way to get your favourite savoury food on the go.

AB’s verdict:It was delicious, and I would definitely eat it again.

Homemade raisin scone

BR:I was reminded of American biscuits when I saw the scone. These are usually sold in Southern-style restaurants. It was soft and fluffy, with opaque-coloured raisins. It was buttery with just a touch of sweetness when I took a bite.

BR’s verdict: Based on the raisins alone, I assumed the scone would’ve been sweeter. It was delicious, and I would eat it with potatoes and eggs as part of my morning breakfast.

AB: It reminded me immediately of a biscuit’s buttery texture, which I always enjoy. It was just a little offensive to see raisins, which is a shame. This would be a great addition to a cup or tea.

AB’s verdict:I would not eat the same raisin scone, but I’d try a different kind of scone.

Sticky Toffee pudding

Two Americans tried traditional English food - what did they think?The sticky toffee pudding was enjoyed by Breanna, but not by Ariana.
The Independent

BR: I was reminded of a cupcake by the pudding that is warmed in the microwave for 30 seconds. I also liked the texture of the sponge. The pudding’s bottom was filled with a sweetened toffee/molasses liquid.

Verdict by BR: After Sunday dinner, I can imagine myself enjoying this dish with my family.

AB: As Breanna, this cake/cupcake looked very similar to Breanna’s. It reminded me of Jello or rice pudding, so I was skeptical about the texture. However, the sponge-like cake turned out to be firm. The sticky caramel sauce at the bottom of my cup was not what I found exciting. I found it disappointing and saddening.

AB’s verdict:I won’t ever eat again.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange

BR: Although it’s not uncommon to have chocolate-coated fruit, the idea of an orange and chocolate was perplexing. It was a pleasant surprise to find orange-shaped pieces chocolate with just the right amount orange flavoring when we opened it.

BR’s verdict:I’m seriously considering purchasing more orange-chocolate candy.

AB:It was an absolute pleasure to take this out of the packaging! Breanna and me thought so! ‘chocolate orange’It would have been an orange covered with chocolate, but it was fun to see chocolate in the form of an orange. It smelled great and tasted good. It wasn’t too sweet, unlike most US chocolate.

AB’s verdict: Would you eat again.

Mars Bars

BR: Before opening the package, I assumed it was a Snicker’s bar. However, when I cut the chocolatey bar in half to expose the mousse, it was identical to an American 3 Musketeers.

BR’s verdict: I’m familiar with the taste so it’s not too exciting.

AB:Combining nougat, caramel, and chocolate made it feel like a Snickers and three Musketeers rolled into one. As Breanna said, it’s a familiar taste so it doesn’t feel too outlandish.

AB’s verdict:If it were the only candy bar available, I would eat it again.


BR:I was immediately reminded by the name of this candy, which is sweet and fruity. But these Smarties tasted like the off-brand, less sweet version of M&Ms.

BR’s verdict: I’m not particularly interested in purchasing again.

AB: Here in the US we have Smarties, but they’re chalk-like tangy candies so it was interesting to find UK Smarties are candy-coated chocolate. I enjoyed the colors – this feels like it would be a popular children’s candy. But if I had to choose a candy-coated chocolate snack I’d stick with mini M&Ms.

AB’s verdict:This was something I could eat again if I had the opportunity.

Walkers Marmite Crisps

Two Americans tried traditional English food - what did they think?Marmite Chips are a brand new flavor for us
The Independent

BR:Going by the name “marmite,”I immediately thought of it. “vegemite.”Australian savory spread. It reminded of honey and BBQ sauce when I smelled it. The smell didn’t match the actual tangy-spice flavour coating.

BR’s verdict:If the store was available, I would buy there.

ABUpon first glance, the chips looked similar to Lay’s Barbecue Chews. I was wrong. Marmite chips surprised my taste buds with their bitter, peppery taste and a hint mustard.

AB’s verdict: Likely, I won’t eat again unless I was starving to death on a small deserted Island.

This was a great experiment that helped us to learn more about traditional UK foods. Do we still see people eating the Scotch Egg? Sure. We all have our faults.

Let us know if there are any more UK foods you’d like to see us try.

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