Tsunade’s Greatest Flaw You Likely Forgot About in Naruto

Tsunade’s greatest problem in the world is by far “Naruto”universe is her fear for blood. Even though it seems counterintuitive to a ninja, particularly a medical-nin to be hemophobic Tsunade is often shaken at the sight blood. In her battle against Kabuto & Orochimaru Episode 95This is “Naruto,”Tsunade is actually held captive by Kabuto who covers her with his blood. This causes her fear paralysis. These fears are overcome by her sanity, and she eventually moves to defend Naruto in battle despite the blood.

Tsunade’s hemophobia aside, Tsunade also has some personal flaws, which, while serious, do not hinder her ability to fight for the Village or lead it. Tsunade is an alcoholic and compulsive gambler, and often spends all her money on gambling and slots machines. She’s also vain and abuses her medical ninjutsu in order to slow down the aging process. Tsunade should be in her 50s to 60s by the time she meets us in the show. But she looks as if it were her 20s or 30s when we meet her.

Tsunade’s gambling addiction and alcoholism have no effect on her job and her friends and family don’t see them as a problem. They’re often jokes. Blood seems to be her kryptonite in combat, but that’s not really enough to stop Tsunade Senju.

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