Truth about Josh Duggar’s Guardian laCount Reber Uncovered?

Has the truth about Josh Duggar’s guardian, LaCount Reber finally been revealed? Fans may now have more information about Josh’s stay with him, thanks to new details. Continue reading for the complete scoop.

Josh was arrested last spring on child pornography charges. He stayed with a government-approved custodian while awaiting his November trial. He eventually went to live with LaCount Reber’s wife Maria.

This led to some questions about why he would choose to stay with them. This arrangement seemed to be intentional. It looked like Josh’s family was friends with the Rebers for years. Plus, they had no young children in their home, which was a requirement for Josh’s release.

Josh Duggar Mugshot

He spent many months with the Rebers. He had to follow a list of conditions. This included no internet access and no minors. It was due to his nature of the crimes.

Josh Duggar has been sentenced to 151 years in prison. But, interesting details have emerged about Josh Duggar’s time with LaCount Reber.

Truth About Josh Duggar’s Guardian LaCount Reber Revealed?

On InstagramYoutuber Without a crystal ball She shared a tip from a Duggar who was a regular attendee at church.

Duggar family Instagram (Josh Duggar arrest)

WOACB reports:

“LaCount was open with friends about his father being in and out of prison for decades. The source told us that Jim Bob asked LaCount to ‘counsel Josh about prison’ based upon his experience.”

She also looked into the situation and discovered more details about his father Dwight Reber’s past. She writes that he ” has a lengthy criminal history related to incest, lewd acts on a child under 16, and fugitive on the run.”

According to WOACB, Josh Duggar’s father, Jim Bob, specifically wanted him to stay with LaCount. This decision appears to have been made due to LaCount’s own experience with his father.

You can read the whole post and get all of the details of Dwight Reber’s chargeshere.

Is this any surprise to you? This may be the reason Josh Duggar stayed with Rebers. Let us know your thoughts below in the comments. Return to TV Shows AceFor more Duggar family news, click here.

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