Trump Officials Were Warned About Taylor Swift’s Music

It was clearly a huge mistake to listen to Taylor Swift’s music when working for the Donald Trump government. Olivia Troye was a former homeland security adviser to Vice President Mike Pence. She revealed that she was listening to Taylor Swift’s music at work. Interview on MSNBC “All In with Chris Hayes,”Troye recalled a time in her life when Swift songs were her favorite to get some steam. “I came back and was playing Taylor Swift really loud in my office that night,”She told Chris Hayes. Troye was warned by another staff member that she could be playing with fire. “I had a colleague knock on my door and he said, ‘Are you trying to get fired?”She said so. Troye asked her colleague about Swift’s importance. “Well, I don’t think she’s a fan of Trump’s so if somebody hears that, you should really watch your back,”They told her. Troye explained to Hayes how this type of censorship made Troye feel ashamed. “fear for the future of our country.”

Troye, who quit her job as a Trump staffer, has given several interviews about her time at White House. Wolf Blitzer 2020: Troye, a former staffer, stated that Trump’s intentions are made clear even when he makes wild-sounding statements. “The president when he’s joking, if he says that he’s joking, he’s telling you a half truth,”Troye stated (via Politico). She also spoke. PBSIn January, Trump actively sought to “discredit”His opponents “narrative.”


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