Truely Brown Was the First to Reject Kody. Christine followed?

Since childhood Sister Wives Truely Brown, a star in the movie Truely, has no problem hiding her father Kody Brown. What is the reason for this? Is it possible that Christine Brown followed Kody’s lead? Keep reading to discover more Sister Wives Fans think.

Truely Brown was the first to reject Kody brown?

Christine Brown was the sister wife who made the big decision to leave Kody Brown. Was she, however, the first to reject him? Fans seem to think perhaps she followed her daughter’s actions.

Followers Sister Wives Since Season 1, we know that Truely Brown was only born shortly after the beginning of Season 1. Christine was struggling with postpartum depression, when Kody and Robyn went to California for their honeymoon.

Christine began to feel disengaged and distant from Kody, their marriage. Robyn became jealous of her. She acknowledged that it was difficult at times to be a sibling wife.

Truely has not known her father since she was a child. Kody seemed to be the favorite child to his fans. It seemed to him that Robyn was his number one priority. Truely was Kody’s thirteenth child overall and sixth child with Christine.

Truely has grown closer to her mom. Fans notice that Truely shuns Kody when he is around. This has been evident since her early childhood. Truely begins to shun Kody. Christine starts to withdraw from the marriage that she had with him.

A video that was shared on actually is Reddit Shows Kody asking Truely if she’s excited her grandma is moving closer. Truely asks for a high-five and she politely says no dad.

Kody’s fans love her stand up for herself.

Christine’s example of teaching her daughter not to be afraid to set boundaries has a lot of admirers. It’s painfully obvious to everyone that Truely is not comfortable around Kody.

Truely has had other incidents where Kody was ignored by her fans. Kody attempted to pick her back up once, but she turned and ran away. Another fan shared a story about Kody trying to hug her, but she refused.

Kody Brown and Children via YouTube

Did Christine learn how to set boundaries with Kody from her daughter’s courageous actions? It’s no secret that fans do not label Kody as a good dad. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

What do YOU think Truely is doing to her dad?



Truely Brown Was the First to Reject Kody. Christine followed?
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