Treasure hunters uncover Britain’s Atlantis sunken city off the UK coast

The amazing discovery of Britain’s Atlantis by treasure hunters is said to be an incredible find.

After artifacts were discovered on the banks of an ancient river, evidence of two Stone Age settlements was found in the North Sea.

According to archaeologists it could be more 10,000 years old Mirror reports

They were discovered near Blakeney on Norfolk’s coast. Experts from Belgium and the UK travelled together 25 miles north to find the amazing find.

Archaeologists believe these artifacts are evidence that two settlements once existed thousands years ago.

Comparisons were made to Atlantis’ submerged city.

This is the first time that experts have discovered treasure so deeply submerged under the ocean.

Because the Atlantic Ocean is where the fictional island is believed to have been sunk, there are many comparisons to Atlantis.

After falling out of favor with the Greek gods, it was believed to have been submerged into the ocean.

Treasure hunters uncover Britain's Atlantis sunken city off the UK coast
They were found near Blakeney in Norfolk

Experts are still evaluating the seabeds from which these new items were found. Researchers used their knowledge of Stone Age settlements at land to pinpoint the area around Norfolk Coast.

Archaeologists think they might have discovered the reason humans were attracted to certain areas in Stone Age times that were submerged in the sea around 6,000BC.

It was probably a great area for settlers who relied heavily on fishing and hunting to survive. There is evidence that nearby suggests there are resources to make flint.

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Experts will now be able to continue their investigation to determine if any historical treasures can still be found.

A mini submarine will be sent to the seabed, while divers could also be sent there.


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