Tony Hawk discloses the enormous amount he earns in royalties for his PlayStation classic game

Tony Hawk, pro-skateboarder and skateboarder is best known for his skateboarding skills…and making videos about skateboarding. (And maybe not getting recognised in public, too.

Hawk, age 53, released his first videogame in 1999 Tony Hawk’s Pro SkaterFor the PlayStation. The game was a huge success and spawned over 20 sequels and spin-offs.

It doesn’t seem like a new idea to have a pro athlete collaborate with a game company in order to make a customized game. Hawk was among the first to do it in 2000.

In a 2018 interview withThe Nine ClubThe pro-skater spoke out to a podcast about skateboarding, saying that he didn’t intend to make a lot of money from his first game.

“I never thought that people who are really into games will go into skateboarding because skateboarding wasn’t that popular,”Hawk spoke to the hosts. “It was bigger than I ever imagined, the fact that we got a sequel was a huge shock to me,”

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The biggest shock was when Hawk got his royalty check.

Hawk shared that he discovered that his fourth game, which was due to be released in 2002, did not do well. However, his three other games were performing well, but his first game was the most profitable.

“My main contact at Activision asked to have lunch with me in LA when I was there one day, he’s not the head guy but he was the guy definitely overseeing our games,”Hawk said.

Hawk’s contact disclosed that the original game was being sold at unbelievable volumes.

“He was like ‘so, things are way bigger than you ever thought’ and he handed me a check for four million dollars,”Hawk spoke The Nine Club.

Hawk received only annual royalties from this game for the check amount.


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The game has been released since its release. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater It has nearly $1 billion in annual sales.

Hawk’s video games are a beloved classic among fans of sports video games. Bleacher Report ComplexBoth consider the game one of the most important must-haves.

“The video game changed my life,”The podcast was hosted by the pro-skater. “It allowed me to stop competing and do things I always dreamed of.”

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