rt from all the animation movies we’ve seen over the past years, Tom and Jerry: The Movie uniquely feasts us with animation and live-action combined.

Tom and Jerry: The Movie

Here’s a thought. Cat and mouse, frenemies, cartoon- Three things that can connect unitedly as well as separately to our childhood superstars- Tom and Jerry. Missing out on this legendary cartoon series is something we can call a tremendous loss. Agree? But what do you think about missing out on the 2021 spinoff Tom and Jerry: The Movie? Loss or no less than a mediocre watch? Let’s inspect. 

2021 was promised the return of the classic duo Tom and Jerry by Tim Story and the Warner Animation Group. What followed was the shoot-up of enthusiasm and nostalgia that got ignited within millions of fans, worldwide. On that note, the 2021 release Tom and Jerry: The Movie was successful in reviving the beauty of the evergreen William Hanna and Joseph Barbera production Tom and Jerry cartoons. But the reboot had other plans besides an almost a century-old iconic cat and mouse scurrying after each other. And that precisely is what I believe the essence, the movie failed to perceive. 

Wide apart from all the animation movies we’ve seen over the past years, Tom and Jerry: The Movie uniquely feasts us with animation and live-action combined. Sounds pretty exciting right? But it’s not exactly as it sounds when we get to see it or let’s just say this blended variety of a movie is not for all. Sure it did pose a greater challenge for the actors who got through the scenes by sharing the space with imaginative animals and they managed pretty well. All the animals including Tom and Jerry are animated. 

Tom and Jerry: The Movie

Tom and Jerry: The Movie Plot 

In the setting of New York’s most elegant hotel, we see Kayla, an ordinary girl going to different lengths to tend to her life as she joins the hotel by stealing another identity, a furious manager Terence Mendoza attempting to ruin Kayla’s job as the wedding planner replacing him, celebrities who are here for their wedding, Preeta and Ben, and of course Tom chasing Jerry. The wedding becomes the main plot as Tom and Jerry’s epic chase ruins the big day and now the duty rests upon Kayla to bring together the team and save the couple’s relationship. Everything else shifts to subplots including our title characters’ roles. Instead of revolving around a central plot, Tom and Jerry tried probing different plots into a 101 minutes long movie. We can’t be sure that worked to all extents. 

But certainly, it was good to see Spike, toots, and the gang of cats back on the screen along with the royal wedding they planned before our friends wrecked it. Honestly, Tom and Jerry deserved more. Us fans too. 

Movie NameTom and Jerry
DirectorTim Story
CastChloë Grace Moretz
Pallavi Sharda
Colin Jost
Michael Peña
Release Date10 February 2021
Where to Watch Online?YouTube, Prime Video, Netflix

Tom and Jerry: The Movie Cast

Tom and Jerry: The Movie stars Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña, Colin Jost, Rob Delaney, Pallavi Sharda, Jordan Bolger, Patsy Ferran, and Ken Jeong   


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