Toddler Found Sleeping in Closet at Home With Makeshift Zoo – Los Angeles

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Investigators discovered a toddler living in an apparent makeshift zoo with other animals.

An alarm call led to the arrival of San Bernardino County deputies at a home. Authorities found a toddler asleep in a closet, along with several rooms filled with animals including 50 cats.

Authorities responded to the Apple Valley house in the 13000 block Cuyamaca Road Saturday.

Many rooms in the home were converted into habitats for many animals, including birds, dogs, reptiles and cats. Officials said that wood chips were used by the cats to cover the home.

Officials stated that the 3-year old child had been sleeping in his closet and that his bedding was covered in cat urine.

The child was taken into protective custody. Animal control responded by taking care of the animals.

Authorities stated that Jedidiah Sulz, 38, was taken into prison for child cruelty.


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