Todd Chrisley Shares Some Hard, Cold Facts About Gossip

Todd Chrisley is back in action. The Chrisley Knows BestStar shared some gossip facts. The proud papa is fond of sharing cryptic posts via social media. What’s interesting is the timing of this latest post. As Television Shows AceAs previously reported Lindsie is now available on TikTok.

That means she won’t always be on her best behavior. The oldest daughter uploaded a video of her with her.Coffee Convos podcast co-host Kailyn Lowry. Two women pretended to escape from a house. The elaborately decorated room made it look like they were in an escape chamber.

Lindsie revealed what it was like to sneak out of her father’s house. In an Instagram message, she previously addressed loose lips. Todd Chrisley has a lot of things in common with Lindsie. Even though they are not in a relationship, they have many commonalities.

What did Todd Chrisley write now?

Todd Chrisley shared another truth bomb with his followers on Sunday, March 27th. On Instagram, he shared the following quote: “Imagine how different the gossip would hit if both sides of the story were told.” It’s unclear what Todd is talking about. The patriarch and his family haven’t made much news lately.

His quote could refer to his relationship Lindsie. She mentioned that she would be publishing a book detailing her life. But, it is not yet certain. Todd Chrisley cleverly captioned his post with the following: “Just saying…”

[Credit: YouTube]

This latest comment on gossip was his way of making a statement. It’s fitting since he doesn’t appreciate it when the tabloids speak poorly about him or his family. Todd Chrisley, as his fans know is fiercely protective over his family.

He doesn’t like it when the tabloids or gossip blogs run a story that’s not true. To show their support, fans took to the comments section. Many of them agreed to Todd Chrisley. They love it when he posts on Instagram.

Lindsie Chrisley shared the same post

If Todd Chrisley’s Instagram post looks familiar to you, it’s because it looks similar to something Lindsie Chrisley shared on Instagram last week. Instead of gossiping, she spoke about loose lips. It contained a message of hope and faith.

Lindsie posted a series photos on Tuesday, March 22 showing her in a jogging outfit. Unlike Todd Chrisley, she doesn’t share a photo of a quote. She shares photos of her with a cryptic message.

“He said, ‘Loose lips sink ships.’ A little weekly reminder — God’s timing is perfect. It may not be the timing we want, but it is the timing we need. Trust him.”

Todd Chrisley's Instagram Post About Gossip [Credit: Todd Chrisley/Instagram]
[Credit: Todd Chrisley/Instagram]

Lindsie, like Todd Chrisley is strong in her faith. She’s always seen sharing her love for God. What are your thoughts on Todd Chrisley’s latest cryptic post? What do you think he’s talking about? Comment below.

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