Todd Chrisley is a real snoozer during family’s tailgate

Todd Chrisley singlehandedly ruins his family’s tailgate party. A sneak peak of the next episode of Chrisley Knows Best, he’s found a funny way to do it. Fans know that the patriarch is always up for something. Todd has a lot of fun on the reality series. Continue reading to learn why.

A family tailgate gone wrong

The Chrisleys host their own tailgate party for race car day. A sneak peak at the upcoming episode Chrisley Knows Best, Todd isn’t here to party. He ends up getting called out by his kids — and Nanny Faye — all because of it.

On Thursday, November 11 E! OnlineThe clip was shared for the next episode. Todd Chrisley is seen trying to sleep on NASCAR raceday. Nanny Faye and Chase Chrisley are having fun at the tailgate party. Savannah chooses to play cornhole.

Todd Chrisley is woken by the chaos. He decides to leave his RV and ask Nanny Faye. “what the hell is going on.”

“Hell, we’re having fun out there,”Nanny Faye said.

[Credit: YouTube]

They’re joined by a new group of tailgaters, which she calls her “friends.”Faye refers to the area as “a beautiful place.” “fun little community.”Todd looks around in disbelief. He tells him that he’s trying to take a nap.

“You understand I was trying to actually take a nap in there?”Todd points out the way to the other side. “You woke me up with all this noise.”

It seems like the father was right. He wanted to have some fun and not just relax. Yet, his family didn’t understand why he wants to sleep when they’re having so much fun tailgating.

Todd Chrisley would like a NAP!

Savannah Chrisley looks confused at her father “You don’t come to race day for a nap,”She responds. Chase rings in and responds. “And you got your headphones.”Todd Chrisley cannot speak for himself anymore. He wants to go to sleep.

“I can’t sleep in those,”Todd Chrisley said, adding that “because when I turn over, it smushes my face together.”

He was the one who ruined the family tailgate. They were enjoying themselves with their new friends. Todd didn’t want to hear anymore. He wanted to return to the RV to have a nap.

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]

What are your thoughts on this? Are you adamant that Todd Chrisley is better off taking a nap? Do you think that Todd Chrisley would prefer to take a nap? Or would you like to tailgate with the other family members? Leave your comments below.

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Remember, the Chrisleys are moving. Chrisley Knows BestThe program airs now on Thursdays at 8:15 p.m. ET on USA Network.

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