Timeline of Laura Linney’s relationship with Marc Schauer, Husband

Marc Schauer and Laura Linney met unexpectedly. But it didn’t take long before they fell in love. Find out more about the intimate relationship between this couple.

Many people may be familiar with Laura Linney’s role as Wendy Byrde (wife, mother and conniving lobbyist from the Ozarks). The award-winning Netflix series is not the only one. “Ozark,”Linney already had an impressive resume, both onscreen as well as onstage.

Nevertheless, “Ozark”Her success was due to this. Fans are curious about Linney’s private life behind the lens.

Marc Schauer and Laura Linney, at The Juilliard School Gala to Celebrate Joseph W. Polisi. April 26, 2010, New York.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

Her marriage to Schauer is one aspect of her life that many would love to know more about. Although they keep their relationship private, we know that Schauer and Schauer have been married for ten year. 2009 was the year of exchange vows.

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Linney was already going to Telluride in Colorado for a 2004 film festival long before they were married. Schauer’s hometown was home to this festival. Linney was able to assign Schauer as Linney’s festival hosts while she was there.

She wouldn’t have believed that she would be awarded this honor, and would have been crazy if anyone had mentioned it to her.

Linney shared that she felt a connection with him the moment they met. Linney felt that it was something very close. love at first sight. They were married in 2007. Linney and Schauer held their wedding ceremony in 2009. outdoors.


Linney talked about Linney’s relationship with her husband when she first met him. Linney was able to recall the moment. It is possible to say:

“I remember looking at him at one point and going: ‘Am I attracted to this man? Am I attracted to my handler? What is going on?”‘

Linney said that the feelings were unexpected. Linney recalls being able to calm herself down when confronted with these unexpected emotions.

Marc Schauer and Laura Linney attend the after party for Premiere Ozark Season 4, April 21, 2022 in New York.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images

She tried to approach the feelings positively. RememberingHer inner monologue is the essence of her personality “How nice to be feeling something. Something’s waking up. How great.”She died later , “We fell very hard for each other very quickly.”

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Marc Schauer and Laura Linney at the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, September 22, 2019.Source: Getty Images | Source: Getty Images


Linney was 49 when Bennett Armistead Schauer was born to her in 2014. But, Linney was very private about the birth of Bennett Armistead Schauer before she gave birth.

She wanted to ensure that her child was born first because she was naturally inclined to keep it low-profile. The actress was seen at award shows in disguised bump-concealing clothes, and no one suspected she was pregnant.

Marc Schauer and Laura Linney after the Opening Night party “Time Stands Still”On October 7, 2010, New York. | Source: Getty Images

It was a time of inner transformation for her when she gave birth. She spoke out about the profound impact motherhood had upon her. :

“Motherhood changes you on a cellular level. It literally infuses the cells of your body, and they behave differently. Fatigue is different. Joy is different. Fear is different. Anxiety is different. All of your emotions become more potent.”

She expressed deep gratitude for being a mom and wished she could spend more time spending with Bennett. It is not easy to balance parenting and work, according to the actress. It is possible to say: “You just do the best you can.”


Schauer was, as mentioned, assigned to be the host for the future wife at Telluride’s festival. The festival was assisted by the father and husband, who were real estate agents.

When he met his future wife, he was a V.I.P host. He is still a licensed real estate agent and a counselor in drug addiction.

Marc Schauer and Laura Linney at the party that opened the new play. “My Name Is Lucy Barton”New York, January 15, 2020 | Source: Getty Images


Linney, aged 58 years old, was wearing a elegant navy-blue-midi-length dress to the unveiling of her Hollywood Walk of fame star on July 5, 2022. Holland Taylor, her former co-star, gave Linney this honor. “Ozark”Showrunner Chris Mundy

Linney was overwhelmed and exuberant. Linney stated that she never would have believed she would be awarded this honor and that she would have been crazy if anyone had mentioned it to her.

The actress said that she is constantly taken aback at the excitement and embrace of Los Angeles, the entertainment industry, and its people every day. The Four-time Emmy Award winnerHer star was placed right next to it “Ozark”Jason Bateman, Jason Bateman’s Star.

The exact date, July 25, was also declared as “Laura Linney Day”Tinseltown. She stated that she had a newfound power and would like to see this day named after her.


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