Thor: Love And Thunder: Easter Eggs That You Forgot

“Thor: Ragnarok”The MCU welcomed a number of new characters, including Hela (Skurge), Valkyrie, Valkyrie), the Grandmaster and Korg. Korg and Miek were quickly popular characters who provided comic relief in some of the most memorable scenes of the film. The latter has a greater role in “Thor: Love and Thunder,”He’s now Thor’s. “best friend”While Korg is on the adventure with the Guardians of the Galaxy while Miek has been in King Valkyrie’s administration, the latter will be watching. Korg’s personality, physiology and charm are easy to understand. He’s a friendly rocker guy. Miek’s requires more attention. 

This character first appeared in “The Incredible Hulk” #92. Miek is a Sakaaran who is capable of metamorphosing and becomes enslaved after the murder of his family. We meet the Miek in “Thor: Ragnarok”The Grandmaster is holding him captive and forcing him to fight in his gladiator-pits. His body has been fitted with a metal exoskeleton, which gives him hands and blades. But, “Thor: Love and Thunder,” Miek’s undergone quite a transformation. 

The purple insectoid is now a female. She wears a skirt-suit with a blouse and bow at the neck. The comics also have precedent for this. Exposure to chaos energy causes Miek to switch genders, and she can now lay eggs. Taika Waititi gave her new appendages. Her exoskeleton was updated with dry erase markers, which she uses during Thor’s speech. 


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