This is the biggest mistake I have seen when visiting Disney World.

A DISNEY expert revealed the worst mistake that you can make when visiting the theme parks.

Rebecca James, travel planner, shared one common error her clients make when going to the parks for their first time: they wear new shoes.


An expert from Disney has shared the top mistakes you can make when visiting the theme parks

She said that guests can walk up five miles to get to as many attractions as they want in a day at Disney parks.

It’s not fun to walk five miles in new shoes and it can severely limit the amount of fun you have.

Sun Online Travel’s Rebecca stated that she had seen the phenomenon many times. People will purchase shoes that feature a Disney theme to go to Disney Land.

“They don’t break them in before going so the first time they put on their holiday clothes is the first day.

“You will think that you’ll be wearing them the entire trip, but they’ll only be worn on the first day. You’ll feel terrible.”

“Then, you’ll need to wear Crocs for the rest of your trip because they’re the only thing that’s comfortable on your sore feet.

“On top of that, you won’t ever be able to put your new shoes on again because they were so painful so it’s a complete waste of money.”

She added that there’s one occasion you could wear your shoes if it was not too embarrassing.

She explained that if you truly want to wear them, you should put them on when you go for dinner.

“That way you’ll get a little bit of a walk in them but mainly you’ll be sat down in a restaurant.”

Rebecca shared one thing all guests should do when they arrive at the park: take a picture of their car.

To help others avoid making the same mistakes, a Disney fan shared their experiences at the park.

A Disney vacation planner shared some of the most common mistakes made by tourists.

Visitors will often wear new shoes and be in agony while they walk five miles round the park


Visitors often walk five miles around the park in new shoes, and they will be in pain.
This is why I am a Disney super-fan.


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