This Denise Move Is a Hit With Survivor Fans

Denise Stapley is a legend among the stapleys “Survivor”Fans love her for many things, but her exceptional aptitude for the game made them one of the most recognizable alumni of the show. To sum things up: after a member swap between tribes Dekal and Sele during “Survivor: Winners at War,” Sandra Diaz-Twine approaches Denise in an attempt at convincing her to trade two fire tokens for an immunity idol and tries to manipulate Denise into voting out some of her own enemies. Sandra doesn’t know that Denise already owns an immunity idol. She gives Sandra one token and promises to give her the second after the council meeting — which does not go well for Sandra. Jeremy Collins is saved with the second idol by Denise during the tribal council. Denise uses one of her idols to stop her own eviction. When the final vote goes down, it’s Sandra who ends up going home — on Denise’s deciding vote.

Original poster u/amedeoismeReddit praised this move. “Denise playing the second idol on Jeremy is a 1000 iQ play and that’s where Sandra messed up by really trying to remain hidden in this and not throwing a vote on Jeremy or anyone else as a backup plan,”They pointed it out.

Denise’s plan was viewed as “What’s the best way to vote out the queen? Pay her, of course!”According to u/AlanopolySandra had won two editions of the game before and often boasted that she was the winner. “queen”This reality television show. “Best move for the tribe, best move for the game. Denise killed it, and throwing that second idol on Jeremy as insurance was next next level play,” u/joebootoo wrote. Denise’s move made her a legend, but it didn’t win her a victory.


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