This Day – people are slamming it for ‘romanticizing toxic relationships’

NETFLIX’s trailer of the sequel to the steamy 365 Days film was criticized by some viewers for allegedly romanticizing toxic relationships.

Online critics have voiced their disgust at the trailer for 365 Days: This Day, as some feel that the original Netflix movies glorify abuse in relationships.


Many social media users believe that the movies glorify sexual abuseCredit: Netflix
The first installment of 365 Days premiered in 2020


In 2020, the first installment of 365 Days was released.Credit: Netflix

The first installment in 365 Days was released in 2020. It featured a passionate depiction about a mafia boss, who captured a civilian to make them fall in love.

Some people called the Polish movie “Polish Movie”. “the hottest thing ever”The film was one of the Top 10 streaming services in over 90 countries. Other viewers believed that the film had spread. “sick” message.

One Twitter UserIt was stated that the movie tries. “romanticize and numb you into the acceptance of sex trafficking.”

“Y’all are in love with a movie about a woman being abducted and coerced into sex with this man. Sick,”The person wrote.

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Youtube comments about the trailer for the sequel reveal that many social media users have the same dislike for the movie.

“Another movie romanticizing toxic relationships,”One comment.

“Hopefully they’ll have a better storyline this time,”Another said.

One Twitter user claimed that the first movie’s sex scenes were closer to rape scenes.

The majority of people read Entertainment.

“The movie shows how easy it is to glorify a bad man, how we can romanticize molesting behavior,”They agreed.

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Duffy, a Welsh singer, joined the discussion to claim that the film glorified sex trafficking.

The 36-year-old singer made a powerful statement to Reed Hastings (Nielsen CEO), urging Netflix to reevaluate its actions.

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