Things Only Adults See in Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear is a workaholic — in a real, scientific, medically diagnosable kind of way. Per HealthlineWork addiction symptoms include “putting in long hours at the office, even when not needed,” “being obsessed with work-related success,” “having intense fear of failure at work,” “using work as a way to avoid relationships,” “working to cope with feelings of guilt or depression,”There are many others. All of those signs fit Buzz Lightyear perfectly.

Buzz is a work obsessed even before the Turnip becomes stranded. He is a follow-the-book operator and doesn’t enjoy working with rookies. Later it is revealed that he may have a greater inferiority complex. Buzz revealed that he wasn’t particularly good at boot camp and nearly quit his first week. Although he has achieved great success with Star Command, he is still hard on himself.

Things only become magnified after the Turnip becomes stranded — an accident for which Buzz exclusively blames himself. Buzz is so focused on correcting his mistakes that he will give up his relationships and friends to take part in the hyperspeed tests. “Lightyear”Although the movie maintains a cheerful tone for the majority, older viewers will likely notice that Buzz is in a very bad place for much of the story. He does eventually find a way out.


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