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On paper, a brunette Cuban actress might sound like an odd casting choice for the role of Marilyn Monroe in one of Netflix’s most anticipated new movies coming later this year. The simple fact of the matter, though, is that when it comes to Ana de Armas — stay with us here, because this is a kind of Hollywood-insidery take that might be a little hard to follow — she is a scene-stealing, heart-breaking, impossible-to-dislike performer who is apparently bound by nothing.

Her next-level talents extend to fighting scenes, playing romantic characters, and even burying a Spanish accent to portray an American sex symbol. Blonde. That’s the streamer’s forthcoming adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ historical fiction novel about Marilyn Monroe.

Netflix has Ana de Armas movies available to view

Netflix Originals such as Blonde SergioNetflix has a variety of blockbuster movies from third parties that you can stream like Blade Runner 2049, these are some of the titles you should absolutely check out if you’re a fan of Ana de Armas.

The Gray Man

We’ll start with her newest title available on the platform. She’s a key part of the cast in Netflix’s current #1 movie worldwide The Gray ManIn this film, Ana portrays Dani Miranda, a CIA agent.

She’s arguably a side character in this film that pits Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans against each other — one, an elite CIA operative, and the other a psychopath who works for the agency off the books. Critics who disliked the movie gave low marks to the leads and to an overall too-slick feel pervading this adaptation of writer Mark Greaney’s spy novel series of the same name.

Ana “remove yourself from my personal space”De Armas was an absolute joy to see. Her performance will make viewers excited to see her in. Her future John WickSpinoff. Promising Young Woman’sEmerald Fennell has been working on this script. It should be great.

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Blonde(Release date: September 23, 2022).

Coming this fall, Ana’s performance as Marilyn Monroe already looks to be one to remember. YouTube has already viewed the teaser trailer more than 5,000,000 times. It is clear that the audience was stunned by her stunning transformation into the late starlet.

Blade Runner 2049Ana de Armas – More

If those weren’t enough, we’ve also got four more titles for Ana de Armas titles to check out on Netflix. A sequel to a sci fi classic and an Iraq war drama.


“Passions, ideals, and bitter realities collide as charismatic UN diplomat Sergio Vieira de Mello becomes trapped in a life-threatening situation in Iraq,”This is the Netflix summary of the 2020 original streaming on the streamer. Ana plays the diplomat’s wife Carolina.

War Dogs

Ana plays the role of Ana in this hilarious satire on the Iraq war, written by Todd Phillips “Iz,”Miles Teller portrays the girlfriend of David Packouz, an arms dealer. What’s more, she’s something of a moral center of the film — as evidenced by the way she reveals what her husband really does for work. From Netflix’s Tudum site: “It’s an early high-profile English-language performance for the Cuban-born actor, and she’s a hypnotic presence, difficult to look away from.”

Wasp Network

Ana will play a smaller role in the 2020 film about Cuban spy in the USA during the 90s. But, again coincidentally, she plays the wife of Wagner Moura’s Juan Pablo Roque. (Coincidentally: Wagner and she were both lovers in). Sergio.)

Blade Runner 2049

And finally, last but by no means least, is Ana’s work in Denis Villeneuve’s sequel to Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. Like in The Gray ManDe Armas is seen opposite Gosling as a holographic companion named Joi.


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