The Worst Thing Every Main Ozark Character Did

There is no question in any “Ozark”The viewer can see that Darlene (Lisa Emery), has the worst mental health. A shotgun can solve any problem in her psychopathic mind. Many difficult situations were made worse by her insufferable pride and impulsive decisions. Darlene’s problems are not about navigating the ambiguities of her nature. It is about narrowing down all her bad choices to find the best. Her husband Jacob was seen in the house wearing the pants at first meeting. However, time has revealed that Jacob was aware that a vicious woman was constantly breathing down his neck and ready to destroy the world.

Darlene unloaded Frank Cosgrove Jr. with a shotgun shell. Many male viewers were horrified. This is a cruel act, but it’s nothing compared to poisoning a long-term companion. Jacob is shocked to discover that Darlene, his wife, is ruining everything they have worked so hard for. During one of their peaceful walks through the wilderness, he decides to get rid Darlene. As he explains with his final words, the patriarch is one step behind his wife’s ruthless nature. “I never could keep up with you, Darlene.”Just before he can turn his thoughts into actions, a fatal dose of cyanide is found in his coffee. Darlene curls up beside him and declares her love for him as his spirit is gone.


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