The world’s first floating city

Unveiled is a NEW floating city that can accommodate as many as 12,000 residents.

Oceanix Busan is a community built on water in Busan, South Korea.


The future of living could be a huge floating cityCredit: Oceanix
Oceanix Busan revealed the prototype recently at the UN


Oceanix Busan presented the prototype at the UNCredit: Oceanix
The floating city would be built off Busan in South Korea


The floating city would be constructed off Busan, South Korea.Credit: Oceanix
On the islands would be living areas as well as restaurants and a winter garden


The islands could be used as living areas, restaurants, and winter gardens.Credit: Oceanix

It hopes it will be the “world’s first prototype sustainable floating city,”Also available: “a flood-proof infrastructure that rises with the sea”.

Buildings would be located on floating platforms that are connected by bridges across the 15.5-acre area.

Three areas would be designated – research, living and lodging – while large outdoor areas and public venues would be available in the neighbourhoods.

It is possible to expand the facility to accommodate more than 100,000 people with 20 platforms.

The city hopes to become zero waste and produce its own energy.

Oceanix designed the prototype in response to rising sea level. The floating city would move with them.

They plan to begin construction next year.

Philipp Hofmann, Oceanix CEO, stated that today is a significant milestone for all the coastal cities and islands on the frontlines in climate change.

“We are on track to delivering OCEANIX Busan and demonstrating that floating infrastructure can create new land for coastal cities looking for sustainable ways to expand onto the ocean, while adapting to sea-level rise.”

The prototype was unveiled a the UN, with the UN deputy secretary-general Amina Mohammed saying: “We must build cities knowing that they will be on the front lines of climate‑related risks, from rising sea levels to storms.

“Floating cities can be part of our new arsenal of tools.”

Busan has more than 3.4 million inhabitants and a large port on the southeast coast.

The Oceanix project wasn’t the first floating attraction built.

Dubai’s Heart of Europe islands, a group of man-made islands located off Dubai’s coast, have six islands connected by a bridge.

A new floating hotel is to open in Dubai as well, where the luxury villas can turn into boats.

If you fancy something closer to home, then you can soon head to a £35m floating resort planned for Norfolk which has 132 lodges, a kids playground and water sports centre

As many as 12,000 people will live on it initially


Initial estimates show that it will support as many as 12,000 people.Credit: Oceanix
There will be both living and lodging islands


Both living and sleeping islands will be availableCredit: Oceanix
There are three islands could eventually expand to be 20 islands


The three islands could grow to 20 islands.Credit: Oceanix
Work will start for the project next year


Next year, work will begin on the project.Credit: Oceanix


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